Collections Law

It is an unfortunate fact that some debtors will not pay their bills no matter how many phone calls or letters they receive or despite the fact that they are put on notice that legal action will commence if they do not pay their debt. When this happens, the only remaining option is to file a lawsuit to collect what you are owed.

Judgment Enforcement

Brian R. Johnston has been enforcing civil money judgments for over eight years. He's an expert at discovering the debtor's assets so they can be siezed to satisfy your judgment.

Asset Investigation

Asset investigations can be useful before a lawsuit is filed to determine whether a debtor has any assets, or after you have obtained a judgment to find assets that can be seized to satisfy your judgment.

Confidential Investigations

When your need to discover information about your debtor or a potential defendant but are reluctant to discuss the case with a Private Investigator because you know your consultation is not protected by the confidentiality privilege, as it would be if you were speaking with an attorney, you can feel comfortable talking to us because Attorney Brian R. Johnston is also a Licensed Private Investigator.