Judgment Enforcement

Brian R. Johnston has been enforcing civil money judgments for over eight years. He's an expert at discovering the debtor's assets so they can be siezed to satisfy your judgment.

In most cases, winning your case was only the first step in collecting the money you are owed. Most lawyers, after winning your case, will hand you the judgment and wish you luck in enforcing it. What's more, the court will not help you enforce the judgment. Sadly, 80% of all civil judgments never get collected.

Most creditors lack the specialized knowledge, training and experience required to successfully enforce their own money judgments. Enforcing a civil judgment can require locating a debtor, finding his hidden assets, filling out numerous, complicated and frequently cryptic legal forms, conducting examinations of the debtor in court, writing detailed legal motions, and challenging the judgment debtor when he attempts to defeat your collection efforts.

The Law Office of Brian R. Johnston has the expert knowledge and experience required to successfully execute the entire judgment enforcement process. We efficiently perform all of the required legal procedures ourselves so you get paid faster and save money. Some of those procedures are:

•  Skip Tracing the debtor when, after he loses in court, he crawls under the nearest boulder to hide from you and the rest of his creditors.

•  Asset Investigations to locate his bank accounts, employment, and property, so it can be seized or garnished to satisfy your judgment.

•  Conducting Debtor Examinations to learn where his assets are located, and to which other persons he may have transferred those assets to protect them from his creditors.

•  Unwinding complicated schemes by piercing corporations and reversing fraudulent transfers.

•  Representing judgment creditors when the debtor files bankruptcy.

•  Filing motions to intercept non-wage streams of income.

•  Turn-over orders.

•  Charging orders (for the debtor's interest in his LLC).

•  Receivers (to enter and take control of the debtor's business).

•  Other remedies such as Sheriff Keepers and Till-taps.

Many of the above enforcement efforts are enhanced by accurate and comprehensive investigation into the debtor's activities. Most lawyers have to hire private investigators to dig up the most useful of this information. We do not have to go through that added expense and uncertainty because Brian R. Johnston is also a licensed Private Investigator with many years of experience in asset investigation specifically focused on the enforcement of judgments.