Collections Law

It is an unfortunate fact that some debtors will not pay their bills no matter how many phone calls or letters they receive or despite the fact that they are put on notice that legal action will commence if they do not pay their debt. When this happens, the only remaining option is to file a lawsuit to collect what you are owed.

The Law Office of Brian R. Johnston understands the entire collection litigation process. We take the appropriate steps to preserve and enforce your legal rights and, despite the additional expense of legal action, reduce the cost of recovering your money. We take your case through the entire litigation process, and then enforce the resulting judgment. We are experts at negotiation and mediation as well, which limits your costs and frequently results in getting you paid quickly.

The Law Office of Brian R. Johnston is experienced in all aspects of collection law; we expedite the process when appropriate, we use pre-judgment remedies to protect the debtor's assets so they are still accessible after judgment, and we effectively employ pre-trial motions to achieve a positive result without having to go to trial. We also use the discovery process to gather necessary information for trial to promote a favorable pre-trial settlement.