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About Us ...

The Law Office of Brian R. Johnston focuses on collection law. We use pre-judgment remedies to freeze the debtor's assets so they are still accessible after judgment, and we effectively employ pre-trial motions intended to convince the debtor that he or she is not likely to prevail should the case get to trial. We also use the discovery process to gather necessary information to support a favorable pre-trial settlement.

Brian R. Johnston has been enforcing civil money judgments for over eight years. He's an expert at discovering assets of the debtors and seizing them to satisfy judgments.

Besides being an Attorney, Brian R. Johnston is also a California Licensed Private Investigator with a practice focused on the discovery of assets so those assets can be frozen before and during a trial, and then siezed after the trial to satisfy your judgment.

The Attorney/Client privilege applies to all communications between you and the Law Office of Brian R. Johnston, which is a valuable benefit when you need the services of a Private Investigator but are reluctant to discuss your sensitive confidential information without the benefit of the confidentiality privilege.